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Healthy Living: Cucumber As An Antioxidant!

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Cucumber As An Antioxidant!

The fruit called cucumber is high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

When cucumber is soaked in a container filled with water till the next day, they make the water more rich in antioxidant and also more nutritious.

Cucumber has the following nutrient composition:

• Phosphorus.

• Calcium.

• Potassium.

• Vitamin A.

• Vitamin K.

• Magnesium.


  1. Cucumber.
  2. Water.

How To Prepare Or Soak Cucumber With Water:

  1. Get a cucumber, slice it and wash very well.
  2. Cover it and keep it till the next day.
  3. In the morning when you wake up, remove the cucumber from the water, add a little amount of milk and honey, for it to have taste, then you drink the water on empty stomach once a day. You can even drink it for 3 days.

Effect Of The Above Mixture:

  1. Strengthens the bone: The vitamins K nutrient present in cucumber helps the body form proteins, which make healthy bones. So drinking this mixture help decrease fractures and strengthens the bone.
  2. This mixture helps in expelling toxins from your body.
  3. Minimizes cancer risk: Cucumber is rich in flavonoids, which help in preventing cancer. According to a study, the dietary flavonoid fisetin found in cucumbers may be able to slow the development of prostate cancer.
  4. It heals stomach ache and ulcer.
  5. Controls blood pressure: Cucumber contains potassium. Soaking cucumber with water helps in reducing blood pressure.

The potassium present in cucumber is also beneficial to the muscle.

  1. This mixture helps you when you are stressed.
  2. It decreases breathlessness.
  3. Helps maintain healthy body and skin: Cucumber is also rich in vitamin B, which get rid of acne, dry skin and other skin infections.

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